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To the North two dreadnoughts pound each other side by side as a merchant slips by behind. Only one of the dreadnoughts and possibly neither will be going home as they both send rounds flying through the other’s armour and water pours in the gaping wounds.

To the West a cruiser races to intercept another convoy, forcing the ships into wild evasive action and slowing them down so a lumbering battleship can catch up and bring its heavy guns to bear.

Ships sink; Others collide;Warships thrust themselves between their merchants and the enemy who are trying to attack them;

Convoys scatter.

Turrets jam; Gguns run out of ammo; Rudders come adrift; Motors seize; Pumps fail; Electrical systems short

Chaos Reigns.

Clausewitz’s saying “All war is simple, but the simple is most difficult” is proved once again.


Sunk vessels are recovered, all are patched, scores are tallied and a winner for this round of battle is declared.

Half an hour later a whistle blows and the cannon open fire again as the next round of battle commences.

Welcome to combat at a national meeting of the Australian Battle Group –where 1/144th scale Dreadnought era warships and merchants (skinned in balsa and armed with CO2 powered cannon firing ball bearings at 180 km/h) do battle in ponds across Australia.

YES Its legal in every state and territory

YES its chaos



A bunch of tired but happy skippers at an AusBG National Battle

Take a few minutes to look around, enjoy our photos, our videos, review our fleet, learn more about the hobby and find out how to become involved, get in touch via [email protected] and come along to sink and be sunk with the AusBG.