National Meetings of the Australian Battle Group

USS Houston sinks during the Last man Standing battle at a AusBG's AGM weekend at Bowning, NSW



Individual squadrons have regular meetings - see here for links, but the AusBG as a whole meets twice a year on the Australia Day (January) and Queens Birthday (June) Long Weekends. Battles are normally held on the 1st two days of the weekend with the 3rd day for travelling home.

Visitors are welcome, though we would appreciate knowing you are coming (email us here).

Please also bring safety glasses with side protection which meet Australian Standard 1337 for Medium Velocity Impact (normal sunglasses are just a good way to lose an eye if they shatter when hit by a round) and be prepared to sign a waver. A good time to visit is early afternoon.

Next National Meeting

The next national battle meeting of the AusBG will be on the Sat / Sun of the Australia Day Long Weekend in Sydney.