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    Australian "BigGun" Pages
    (All are homepages for different squadrons of the Australian Battle Group and all are also accessable from the
    Local Groups page)

        The Hunter Region Battle Squadron

        Last reviewed: May 2011, please send updates or corrections to

    International "BigGun" Pages

      Home port of "Biggun" RC Warships on the Internet
        Not a club homepage, instead the homepage of the ever helpful Randy Kehr. Of particular interest is his Naval War College with its extensive collection of articles on ship building and combat operations, his extensive links collection, and "Project California", a project showing just how far it is possible to go with a "Biggun" combat warship's construction.

      Western Warship Combat Club
        One of the "Big Three" American "Biggun" clubs, this one located the San Francisco Bay Area. These chaps go very much their own way on rules, so AusBG members need to be careful about taking advice on this site too literally. That said, its a good site and these guys have a great time. They list more than 40 operational warships and their website contains their rules, officers, ship and frequency lists, meeting schedule and directions as well as their photo collection. These guys really have some great looking boats !

      Mid-Atlantic Battle Group
        Speaking as a webpage designer, this is a beautifully constructed home page and has obviously had significant thought put into it. It is the home page of the main "US East Coast" biggun club, the "Mid-Altantic Battle Group". Despite the name, this group is not based in the mid-Atlantic but instead appears to be in Virginia. They have been battling for a while now, including visiting the MBG to really give their boats a try out. A credit to its webmaster. Ignore the weird colour cast of the thumbnail photos, the full sized pictures are quite good.

      North Texas Battle Group
        The excellent home page of the large "biggun" battlegroup, the "North Texas Battle Group" a fully operational group holding regular meetings.
        Well worth a visit, especially for the those who want to build a warship.

    Jim's Model Warship Combat Page

        Another personal site from a member of the Midwest Battle Group. This one has details of the Japanese Heavy Cruiser Mikuma, the Italian Battleship Roma and the large American Carrier USS Midway. It also has a tribute to Bill Newbauer, the main source of "Indiana" style cannon for many years and a selection of printable flags. These are *.WPS files and what software you need to print them is currently unclear.

    International "Smallgun" Pages

      Working on it

    Other Model Warship Combat formats

    Other Model Boat Pages

    An Australianwide group of scarily good scale modelers - working in 1:72nd scale

    R/C Web Directory:

        Huge list of R/C related links

    Wargaming Pages

      Naval Warfare Simulations
        The home of "Fighting Steel", the best computer wargame for WWII Dreadnought combat. Also just about a one stop shop for every computer based naval game and lots of board games as well. Very much worth a visit.

    Naval History Pages

      Working on it

    Ship Data Pages

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    Equipment Suppliers

      Dreadnought Hulls
        Australian made fibreglass hulls. Has supplied nearly all the hulls for the Australian Battle Group. Sends hulls all over the world.

      Strike Models
        California based supplier to the Fast Gun and Big Gun Hobbies

        Victorian supplier of general model ship supplies.

Interesting Photos / Video

    As a companions to our out Best Photos page, here are a selection of links to other warships sinking.

    Sinking Warships (Sinking Warships - Combat)

          The grand-daddy of sinking warships sites. This site has sinking warships from the Spanish-American War, the Russo-Japanese War, World War 1, the Spanish Civil War, World War 2 and the Falklands.

          Not to be missed.

          Last reviewed: 29th June 2002, please send updates or corrections to

    "Type 12" frigates sinking (Sinking Warships - Decommissioned)

          A number of British "Type 12" frigates have been expended as targets, this page covers the sinking of "HMS Lowestoft" (Sinkex), "HMS Berwick" (Sinkex), "HMNZS Waikato" (Scuttled) and the truely spectacular destruction of "HMAS Torrens" (Sinkex) by a Mk 48 torpedo fired by one of Australia's new "Collins" class submarines.

          Last reviewed: 22nd May 2002, please send updates or corrections to

    Ex USS Buchanan SINKEX (Sinking Warships - Decommissioned)

          A United States Navy "Charles F Adams" class detroyer, USS Buchanan (DDG-14) was expended as a sinkex target in 2000. This site contains a tribute to the last service this gallant ship gave (as a target), some photos of her damage and a final photo of her slipping away.

          Last reviewed: 22nd May 2002, please send updates or corrections to


    Member's Personal Webpages