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Welcome to the BBG!


The Brisbane Battle group is a local division of the national Australian Battle Group 1:144 scale warship combat club.

The Australian Battle Group was formed for those who always felt there was more to a hobby. We build and arm 1/144 scale warships with gas powered cannon. Two opposing fleets will attack and defend convoy assets; it is a game of strategy, a hobby of skill, and a lot of fun. Ships will take damage and, on occasion be heroically lost to the depths.

This hobby is not exclusive to completely mad enthusiasts, every boat is recovered and repaired with little cost in a matter of minutes, great care is taken to maintain safety, and we are covered comfortably by insurance.

The Brisbane Battle Group is all about having fun and, at the end of the day everyone goes home with a smile... sink or swim!

Use the side menu to access more information on; how the ships work, upcoming events, photos, contacts, etc.

Happy Reading!