The Bowning Shipyards

Makers of R/C model combat warship hulls

Fibreglass hulls  for 1/144 scale warships - Australian made.

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From Big Hulls to small hulls, below is some of what the Bowning Ship Yard produces!

From left to right , Bismark Mould, Iowa Mould, Yamoto Mould and at base the John Oxely Mould

Above - Libertys Galore!

A South Dakota and a Cimarron, Both available from the Bowning shipyards

Above - A Richeleau and Liberty

Above - Front to rear, a Royal Oak, Liberty, Northampton, South Dakota

Above and Left Coastal Tramps (Royal Oak),

Left - John Oxely.

Below A Littorio and Northampton

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PO Box 24  Bowning   NSW  Australia  2582
Phone 02 62276133
Fax  02 62276042