The Bowning Shipyards

Makers of R/C model combat warship hulls

Fibreglass hulls  for 1/144 scale warships - Australian made.

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Not all of the following are available. See also Notes at bottom. Contact the BSY for Details.
A-1 Submarine   805mm 84mm   47mm 1.8k Yes 10mm  
Abdiel Minelayer Yes 895mm 85mm   42mm 1.2k Yes 10mm WWII class
Abercombie Monitor Yes 895mm 175mm   42mm 4.9k Yes 10mm WWII class
Agincourt Battleship Yes 1435mm 190mm   80mm   Yes    
Alaska Battle Cruiser   1725mm 195mm   65mm   Yes    
Algerie Heavy Cruiser Yes 1295mm 139mm   60mm   Yes 10mm  
Bathurst Mine Sweeper   395mm 70mm   30mm   Can be 10mm  
Battle class Destroyer Yes 802mm 85mm   42mm   Yes 10mm  
Bayern Battleship Yes 1268mm 208mm   65mm 9k Yes    
Bearn Aircraft Carrier Yes 1270mm 190mm   60mm 5.5k Yes    
Bismark Battleship Yes 1750mm 248mm   70mm 12k Yes    
Brooklyn Light Cruiser Yes 1300mm 127mm   55mm   Yes    
Bustler Tug Yes 420mm 82mm   40mm 250g Can be 10mm  
Bustler MkII Tug Yes 420mm 82mm   40mm 900g Can be 10mm  
Capitani Romani Light Cruiser Yes 997mm 100mm   45mm 3k Yes 10mm  
Cerberus Coastal Monitor Yes 500mm 96mm   45mm 1.2k Yes 10mm  
Cimerron Tanker Yes 1100mm 160mm   65mm 5.2k Yes    
Cimerron Tanker Yes 1150mm 160mm   65mm 6k Yes    
Colorado Battleship Yes 1321mm 240mm   65mm 8k Yes   Bulged
Commencement Bay Aircraft Carrier Yes 1150mm 160mm   65mm 6k Yes    
Conte Di Cavour Battleship Yes 1300mm 198mm   70mm 6.75k Yes   Modernised
C class Destroyer Yes 1000mm 105mm   10mm 2.5k Yes 10mm  
D class Destroyer Yes 1000mm 105mm   10mm 2.5k Yes 10mm  
Danae Light Cruiser Yes 1000mm 100mm   40mm 4.5k Yes 10mm  
Des Moines Heavy Cruiser   1516mm 160mm   55mm   Yes    
Dunkerque Battleship Yes 1490mm 225mm   62mm 9.7k Yes    
Emile Bertin Light Cruiser Yes 1240mm 113mm   35mm   Yes 10mm  
Empire Campden Tanker Yes 400mm 68mm   36mm .4k Can be ? 10mm  
Empire Jubilee Transport Yes 920mm 110mm   45mm 2k Can be   CAMS freighter
Erebus Monitor Yes 850mm 185mm   35mm   Yes 10mm WWI
Exeter Heavy Cruiser   1215mm 120mm   42mm   Yes 10mm  
Furious Aircraft Carrier   1680mm 190mm   60mm   Yes    
Gearing class Destroyer   830mm 90mm   40mm   Yes 10mm  
H 39 Battleship Yes 1935mm 260mm   75mm 13.1k Yes    
Iowa Battleship Yes 1920mm 243mm   75mm 12.2k Yes    
Ise Battleship Yes 1500mm 220mm   63mm 8.1k Yes    
Invincible Battlecruiser   1190mm 165mm   80mm   Yes    
J class Destroyer   755mm 87mm   32mm   Yes 10mm  
Jervis Bay AMC / Liner Yes 1162mm 143mm   70mm 5.5k Yes 10mm  
John Oxley AS Yes 360mm 70mm   35mm .4k Can be? 10mm  
Kagero Destroyer   825mm 80mm   30mm   Yes 10mm  
Kent Heavy Cruiser Yes 1334mm 145mm   45mm   Yes    
Kuma Light Cruiser Yes 1125mm 98mm   45mm 4k Yes 10mm  
King George V Battleship Yes 1575mm 220mm   60mm   Yes    
Kybra AS Yes 445mm 50mm   35mm .5k No 10mm  
Leander Light Cruiser Yes 1090mm 130mm   40mm   Yes    
Liberty ship Transport Yes 940mm 120mm   60mm 3k Can be    
Lion Battleship Yes 1665mm 220mm   67mm 16k Yes    
Littorio Battleship   1665mm 230mm   62mm   Yes    
Lord Clive Monitor   705mm 185mm   35mm   Yes 10mm  
Lord Nelson Pre-dreadnought Yes 940mm 170mm   55mm 4k Yes    
LCT 8                    
LST Landing Ship Tank Yes 700mm 110mm   40-28mm 1.4k Can be? 10mm  
Lutzow Heavy Cruiser Yes 1280mm 145mm   42mm   Yes    
Majestic Aircraft Carrier Yes 1471mm 169mm   49mm 5.4k Yes    
Mamiya Transport Yes 1070mm 130mm   55mm 5.2k Can be    
Mogami Heavy Cruiser   1410mm 140mm   35mm 6.5k Yes 10mm  
Naarwal Submarine                  
Nelson Battleship Yes 1515mm 225mm   63mm 8.6k Yes    
New Mexico Battleship Yes 1321mm 240mm   65mm 8k Yes   Bulged
Normandie Battleship Yes 1270mm 190mm   60mm 5.5k Yes    
Northampton Heavy Cruiser Yes 1295mm 142mm   52mm   Yes    
Nurnberg Light Cruiser Yes 1265mm 120mm   50mm 5.5k Yes 10mm  
Olympic AMC / Liner   1910mm 210mm   75mm   Can be    
Omaha class Light Cruiser   1090mm 122mm   30mm   Yes    
Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser Yes 1480mm 154mm   48mm 4.75k Yes    
Queen Mary Battlecruiser Yes 1470mm 180mm   60mm 6.35k Yes    
Richeleau Battleship Yes 1740mm 228mm   60mm   Yes    
Royal Oak Tramp Steamer   559mm 94mm   45mm 1.2k No    
Royal Oak II Tramp Steamer Yes 559mm 94mm   55mm 2k Can be? 10mm  
Scharnhorst Battleship Yes 1590mm 205mm   57mm   Yes    
Seydlitz Battlecruiser   1410mm 205mm   55mm   Yes    
Shimakazi Destroyer Yes 920mm 80mm   40mm 1.15k Yes 10mm  
South Dakota Battleship Yes 1445mm 235mm   74mm 10.2k Yes   WWII class
SP1 Light Cruiser Yes 1173mm 111mm   44mm   Yes 10mm  
Sri Ayuthia Cruiser Yes 501mm 110mm   35mm 1k Yes 10mm  
Steiermark Transport Yes 1114mm 140mm   60mm 6 k Yes    
T2SE Tanker Yes 1200mm 140mm   75mm 7k Yes    
Tennessee Battleship Yes 1321mm 240mm   65mm 8k Yes   Bulged
Tone Heavy Cruiser   1425mm 135mm   48mm   Yes    
Tribal Destroyer                  
Type XI Submarine                  
Vanguard Battleship   1785mm 230mm   65mm   Yes    
Victory ship Transport Yes 990mm 132mm   58mm   Yes    
Warspite Battleship Yes 1340mm 194mm   65mm 6.75k Yes   Not bulged
Plans: 1923 fit
Yamato Battleship Yes 1820mm 273mm   76mm 30k Yes    
Z class Destroyer Yes 885mm 85mm   35mm 1.13k Yes 10mm  
Z40/41 Destroyer Yes 1173mm 111mm   44mm   Yes 10mm  

Notes - WTWL is weight (in kg) required to put the bare hull in water to the waterline.
It does not reflect the true weight required to sit the ship at the waterline, but is only a rough guide.
All measurements are of the model hull in 1/144 scale. And there could be mistakes :).

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