The Bowning Shipyards

Makers of R/C model combat warship hulls
Above A Conti Cavour, a Lutzow and a Liberty, all available from the ShipYards

Fibreglass hulls  for 1/144 scale warships - Australian made.

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PO Box 24  Bowning   NSW  Australia  2582
Phone 02 62276133
Fax  02 62276042
Please make sure you include you location so we can estimate your shipping costs

Hand made to R/C model combat warship standards, strong and durable.
Designed to to be built under R/C warship combat rules, they are tough enough to stand the rigours of combat. They are not meant for fine scale modelling and in some cases have extra depth (10mm on ships under 15,000 tons).
The majority of the ships afloat in the AusBG were laid down in the Bowning Shipyards.
Have a look at the Examples page.

Prices  of all hulls will quoted on request.
For a quote to include postage, you MUST indicate your location

All prices in Australian dollars.
Overseas customers, please contact the Bowning shipyard for details and prices.
Some of the ships available are:-

Australian & British Warships
Abdiel (British fast mine layer)
Agincourt (British WWI battleship)
Kent class heavy cruiser
Cerberus (Austrlian harbour monitor)
Leander light cruiser
Nelson (British battleship)
Queen Mary (British WWI battlecruiser)
Warspite (British battleship)

French Warships
Dunkerque (French battle ship)
Richeleau (French battle ship)

German Warships
Bismark (German pocket battle ship)
H39 (German battle ship)
Lutzow (Pocket Battleship)
Prinz Eugen (German heavy cruiser)
Z36(a) Destroyer

Italian Warships
Conti Di Cavour (Italian/Russian battle ship)
Italia/Littorio (Italian battle ship)

Japanese Warships
Yamato (Japanese battle ship)
Ise (Battleship)
Shimakazi (Japanese destroyer)
Mogami (Japanese Light or Heavy Cruiser)
A-1 Submarine

United States Warships
Iowa (US battle ship)
South Dakota (US battle ship)
Northampton (US heavy cruiser)
Brooklyn (Light Cruiser)

Merchantmen and Freighters
Empire Jubillee (CAMS freighter)
Kybra (Australian anti submarine ship Ex- coastal Tramp)
Cimerron (US oiler)
Liberty ship (freighter)
John Oxley (Coastal Tramp)
Mamiya (Japanese armed freighter)
Royal Oak (Tramp steamer)

Below - The LST and Mogami Hulls


Plans for all of the above ships are included for Australian purchases, except the Leander class light cruiser.
All plans can be, for use in Australia (OS please contact for details), purchased from the Ship yards separately
and will cost $20- for the first sheet, all subsequent sheets will cost another $10- per sheet.

At present all plans are one sheet except the Yamato (5 sheets), Cerberus (3 sheets),
Nelson (5 sheets), J-class destroyer (2 sheets) and the Warsprite (3 sheets)

Other Hulls.

The Bowning Shipyards is constantly adding new hulls to it's range,
so contact the Shipyard for details.

If you want to the shipyard to build a new hull mould of a ship not in the range shown above,
a quote can be given. This will include the following.
1) This quote will include the cost of the plans and any copying to bring the plans to the correct scale.
If you supply the plans and to the correct scale there is no charge.
2) The construction of the plug (this is the most expensive part of making a mould) and mould.
The mould remains the property of the Ship Yards.
3) The cost of the hull.
Construction time for a new hull is generally within a month.

Prices are not Quoted here due to fluctuations in Exchange rates. So....
To order or inquire,
please contact :-
PO Box 24
Bowning   NSW  2582
Phone 02 62276133
Fax 02 62276042

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